Sleep Apnea Clinic in St. Albert, Leduc and Edmonton

Sleep FX is focused exclusively on sleep disordered breathing and the comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and follow up of obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep FX provides the best advice and care possible by working with our patients to guide them through the selection of the most appropriate and effective treatment.

These range from CPAP treatment units, humidifiers, masks and accessories. Sleep FX understands that adjusting to the therapy and the purchase of a CPAP unit is a big commitment; therefore we provide you with an opportunity to trial the treatment.

Whether you are a new or existing CPAP user, our goal is to put your concerns at ease by allowing you to make the right decisions based on knowledge with confidence in knowing that our knowledgeable and experienced team is caring for your best interests.

Sleep FX is one of the leading Edmonton Sleep Apnea Clinics!

Sleep apnea is a common and often debilitating medical condition that can have severe consequences for the sufferer. Sleep affects daily functioning, physical and mental health. The total amount an individual sleeps typically accounts for almost one third of their life. How long has it been since you had a good night’s sleep?

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